Install Hearthstone on Ubuntu 18.04

This is how I got Hearthstone up and running on Ubuntu 18.04

sudo apt-get install wine-stable winetricks

After installation is complete start winetricks

Leave Select the default wineprefix selected, and click Ok. On the next screen, select Install a font. That’ll open up a list of the available fonts.

Find corefonts, and check it. Then, press Ok. Winetricks will install all of the basic Microsoft fonts that expects to find.

Next, follow the same process, but select Install a Windows DLL or component instead. On this one, scroll through and check off vcrun2015 and d3dx9_43.

The installer should take a bit of time, and it will be messy. Winetricks will prompt you multiple times that it’s working around bugs. Don’t worry. Just follow the prompts that you see.

Set Windows Version to Windows 7.

NOW you can install and Hearthstone.
After installation you should force use of DirectX9 otherwise your screen will crash.


Go to > Hearthstone > Options >
Game Settings > check „Additional command line arguments“ and write
in the text box „-force-d3d9“.

I changed graphics to 1024×768 so I can work in windowed mode.

This work for me and I hope I got all I did correct in this instruction. Leave a comment if you experience errors and I try to help.

The only problems remains in Blizzard Updates. They might activate locationapi again or cause other failures, so I can only say it works today.


Update  30th July:

If you experience troubles with after an update like I did you need to download the seclogon.dll and past it to .wine/drive_c/windows/system32 then you open winecfg and add the DLL as Native.

Important!! Do a reboot after it and then it should work again. At least it does for me.